Mission Green Project (Summer 2016)

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Mission Green was a global volunteer project by AIESEC in SCUT. It was about the enviroment, mostly recycling and clean energy. During 45 days we visited recycling factories, energy plants and other similar locations, we asked people about recycling and provided some info for less educated people.

My Experience

I guess It's one of the best experience I had in my life, I met so many great people and learned alot about different cultures and languages, needless to say I made so many friends from different countries and we've been in touch ever since!

I stayed in china for 30 days (July 27 till August 26, 2016) with a lovely chinese family, mostly in Guangzhou, but we had some adventures in the meantime and we visited Schenzen, the city that hosts China's biggest tech companies like tencent and baidu. I learned how to eat with chop sticks, went sight-seeing in the city alone and cooked some Iranian food for them!

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