About Me


Do you know me?

I'm Erfan Hosseini Sereshgi, an Iranian computer science Ph.D. candidate at Tulane University in New Orleans, LA.

My Personal Interests

I guess my number one enjoyable thing to do is traveling, I love to think that my life is an adventure. On the road, my companion is music so it feels like a movie with a background music. I always listen to music when I'm alone and usually I sing along.

I enjoy watching movies, comedy specials and playing video games. I know it's too mainstream -and perhaps boring?- but a video game named "Keen" was the first reason I fell in love with computers. I've never wished to make a video game but I'm always amused by game developers' work.

Besides my field of study and related fields, I'm really into history. If I wasn't interested in computer science I'd probably end up being an archaeologist 'cause wherever I go I always find myself in an ancient ruin or something! I believe there is a unique algorithm that drives us and we are still not intelligent enough to grasp it all.

At last but not least if I was asked to summarize my favorite things in one word, that word would be design. It doesn't matter what I'm designing, an electronic board, a suit, a house or a website, I always enjoy creating.

My Skills

Programming languages:

C++ (skilled), Java (skilled), Python (skilled), Javascript (familiar), HTML & CSS (skilled), SQL (familiar)


QGIS, Android Studio, R Studio, Visual Paradigm, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator, Microsoft Office

Frameworks & Other Tools:

GDAL, Pytorch, Keras, Pandas, Numpy, Pygame, Git


Familiar with Ubuntu operating system
Familiar with Android phone tweaking and electronic boards
Familiar with Wordpress and Drupal


Persian (native), English (fluent), Arabic (intermediate)

Other Skills:

Painting, photography, songwriting, cooking, rock climbing.

My Goal

My main goal in life is to have a positive impact on the world we're living in and the people around me, I want to be remembered as a pleasant man, who made something possible that we would have never imagined! As beloved Persian Poet, Saadi, says:

سعدیا مرد نکونام نمیرد هرگز، مرده آن است که نامش به نکویی نبرند

Saadi, a person who's got a good name and has been helpful, never dies. A dead person is someone whose name is not mentioned among people in a good deed or good behavior.