AIESEC in UT (Aug 2017 - Oct 2017)

Portfolio Page


AIESEC in UT is an AIESEC branch in the University of Tehran, the first local commitee in Iran, they help people find opportunities and apply for them. They also define new projects for in coming people from other countries to participate in.

UT local commitee had five general structures: OutGoing Exchange (OGX), InComing Exchange and Business Developement (ICX & BD), Marketing (MKT), Finance (F) and Talent Management (TM)

My Job

I was the IT team leader, under Finance structure (!), my job was to lead a team of three developers to build an OGX help and FAQ bot for telegram. We also had plans on building a website for AIESEC in UT.

Unfortunately AIESEC in Iran was officially closed in October 2017 by the government and this road left untraveled :(